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Meet Sam Moss of American Idol Season 20


Sam Moss of American Idol Season 20

Sam Moss of American Idol Season 20

Sam Moss is among the artists to announce that they auditioned for American Idol Season 20.

American Idol returns to ABC on Sunday, Feb. 27. Here’s more about Sam.

* She’s a 25-year-old Chicago based artist and 2018 graduate of Central College.

* On her website, she describes herself as “a soulful singer-songwriter and mentor, on a mission to awaken a mindful, empowered, and heart-centered audience.”

* She released an EP called “The Garden” in November. The full EP is available through Sam’s website.

* Three songs are now on streaming sites — “Receive,” “There Are Angels” and “I Smell Flowers.” You can check out the latter below. A snippet of a fourth song — “Fortress” — is on her YouTube channel.

* Sam offers a two-hour online pop piano crash course through her website. The most recent session was held Jan. 23. She also teaches piano to young children in the Chicago area.

* Sam also offers to write tribute songs, or personalized remembrance songs, on her website. And she’s posted a couple she’s already completed on YouTube.

* Though she’s always loved music, Sam never considered pursuing it professionally, partly because she suffered from performance anxiety. She says her professors in the Central College music program helped her overcome that. So did learning to play piano and being able to dabble in different genres of music.

* Of her songwriting, Sam says: “I hope my music will be an honest reflection of whatever hard things someone may be going through so that it will either liberate or hold them. I want my music to heal.”

* Sam told Central she was in the drive-thru line at Dunkin Donuts when she learned she’d be singing in front of the American Idol judges. “I started crying as I was ordering a pumpkin spice latte. I called my mom and cried on the phone with her too.”

Sam Moss on social media:

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