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Eva Ullmann talks about the blind audition we missed on The Voice


Eva Ullmann interacts with Blake Shelton after her blind audiiton on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Eva Ullmann interacts with Blake Shelton after her blind audition on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Eva Ullmann landed a spot on Team Blake Shelton for Season 22 of The Voice during the blind audition episode that aired Tuesday.

But we only saw a tiny snippet of her performance of Maggie Rogers’ “Light On” and her ensuing chat with the coaches.

So Voice Views reached out to Eva for more details about the blind audition we missed.

Here’s what Eva, 22, from Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., had to say about the experience.

Voice Views: How did you wind up auditioning for Season 22 of The Voice? Had you tried auditioning for the show previously?

Eva: No, this was my first time auditioning, actually! It’s funny because so many people in my life and who heard me sing online kept encouraging me to audition for years. Ariana Grande is my favorite artist of all time and when I saw she was a coach for Season 21 it made me really curious to audition and gave me the confidence to want to give it a try.

Coming out of COVID a lot of my classes were still online which gave me a lot of free time and after a LOT of pep talks from my roommate at the time, I decided to finally do it! Best. Decision. Ever.

Voice Views: Why did you choose to perform Maggie Rogers’ “Light On” for your audition?

Eva: I have always loved Maggie Rogers and I also love the message of this song. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the past few years and she kind of sings about that in this song. I really relate to the lyrics and I love how she talks about guiding lights. I have a lot of amazing people in my life who are guiding lights for me!

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Voice Views: How do you feel the audition went? And at what point did you get the chair turn from Blake Shelton?

Eva: I am so incredibly proud of my audition. I walked off stage feeling like that performance was the best I had ever sung the song! Blake turned right in the middle of the first chorus with the line, “… and if you’re gone for good then I’m okay with that.” When I turned my head and saw him facing me in that chair, I have never felt so excited!

Voice Views: Can you fill us in on the feedback you got from the coaches?

Eva: To be honest, I was so relieved and excited that I might have blacked out a bit… but from what I can remember Blake mentioned how much he loved how I could find a pitch and stick with it and he said he thought I’d be a great competitor in battles.

“John said I hit some notes he didn’t expect to come out of me and welcomed me to The Voice and Camila said that she would always be there for me as a big sister if I needed her. Gwen mentioned that she was a little mad she didn’t turn but that I’m with her husband and he’s the best coach anyone could ask for! Oh, and she and I complimented each others’ outfits! It was so insanely cool getting to hear their feedback and have a conversation with them!

Voice Views: All in all, what was the audition process like and what stood out most to you?

Eva: The audition process was crazy, in a good way! I loved getting to see everything behind the scenes and it was so cool getting to go through wardrobe, hair and makeup, and all of the cool sets we got to film on!

“Getting to work with the incredible band was one of my favorite parts. They can play anything and everything. It’s insane! Walking onto the stage for the first time was the coolest, most surreal experience. There are so many lights and cameras and it’s all so exciting! I think what stood out to me the most was how amazing everyone on the cast was. Everyone was so supportive and fun and it truly became a family. That will always be something I’m so grateful for!”

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